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Modern 300x146 Northfield Modern Set-up

i. The Modern neck is slightly V'd in shape which makes it faster and better for more contemporary playing styles in our opinion.

ii. Fingerboard has a scooped/scalloped fingerboard extensions. This extension is shorter than a traditional “Florida” extension so that you can play closer to the neck joint without running into frets.

iii. Frets: Wider frets with a taller crown, making it feel more like a modern day instrument and is quite suitable for many of the more contemporary left-hand playing styles.

iv. Fretboard radius: Features a radius of 5.7” at the Nut, 7.7 at the 20th fret. Combined with the wider frets and the neck shape, this allows for faster/easier playing in our experience and perhaps longer playing before fatigue.
Modern ChartModern fingerboard extension 300x199

For reference, below please find additional measurements for nut width taken from a 1923 Original "Loar". These are the measurments from this particular instrument, taken now, after years of playing and wearing.

Loar Chart

* A more traditional “vintage" setup is available upon request
(Flat Fingerboard, Narrow Frets, Full Length Fingerboard Extension, Fuller Neck Profile)

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