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References & Testimonials


Adam Steffey is on record saying these are great mandolins, and now that I've had the opportunity to play one, I heartily agree! 
Scott Tichenor -

"From day one Northfield mandolins have had spot on construction specs.  The neck angle, fingerboard geometry, and fretwork are flawless.  Eminently playable, with consistently superb tone."
Joe Konkoly -

"These are fine mandolins made with the care and dedication that you expect from a master level instrument, we're excited to be able to offer them at Elderly Instruments". 
Stan Werbin -

“You guys are building a really special instrument and we are so excited that you are gonna let us be dealers! They've already gotten some good exposure. Everybody loved them.”
Ben Hodges -

When I was in the book business, we had a saying: selection, price or value -- pick two.  With Northfield Mandolins, that truism no longer works. :)
Kim Sherman -

“These varnish-finished, expertly built and voiced, gorgeous instruments come with everything a leading player could expect...”
Dave McCarty – Mandolin Magazine

“I've been picking it a lot today. I can report an initial impression. Believe what you've read here. These are very good mandolins indeed. Powerful, rich, balanced and sounds exactly like you'd hope a really fine mandolin would sound. If someone handed it to you and said it was $10K+ you would probably believe them (unless you knew otherwise). It is certainly up there with instruments of that caliber. It is a completely different thing from any other mandolin I've heard from that part of the world. No comparison at all. In fact, it stands up there with the very best from just about anywhere.. US... Australia.. Canada.... anywhere. It is getting into splitting hairs territory when you try to nail it down much further.... your own preferences and playing style will dictate whether anything else is "better" for you, but I would have to say that these things hold their own with some really respected, very high end makers. Whatever they are doing with these - they are doing it right.”
Alemaria Strings

"I received my new Northfield #84 last week, a "Big Mon" model. Words cannot explain it but I will try. It leaves nothing to be desired. The looks, with the varnished finish, the black ivory like tuner buttons, the color, the awesome pickguard, the James tailpiece and so on and on. Volume and tone are both out of this world.....the lows are deep, dry and woody....the highs are crisp and don't sound metallic at all as so many mando's have trouble in this area....sparkling highs!!! This mando compares to ones costing 5 times as much....HANDS DOWN!!! Northfield is a force to be reckoned with in the mando world and I am very proud to be the owner of #84!!!" 
Donnie Mayhew, Lost Cannon Bluegrass Band

"I just received my Northfield NF-F5M two days ago and can't seem to be able to put it down. Great tone and playability. For the cost, I don't think you can beat it."
Rick Everhardt, The Neighbors
North Carolinia

" It's a KILLER mando!! It has this big, loud, throaty, woody sound with sweet high end sparkle, and it's absolutely gorgeous" 
Dave Summers, Tennessee

“Just wanted to thank you again for making me such a great instrument in #188.  I absolutely love the "snap, crackle, and pop" of the Engelmann.    It turned a few heads Monday night, just cuts like a knife through a jam.  Also I noticed, the sound just explodes at the fifth fret, on all strings, but particularly the E and A.  No one could ever tell this was a Big Mon, as the differences are so subtle.  I'm used to playing Gibson Bill Monroe strings, which for lack of a better word, are "gutsier", but are about the same gauge.  It plays like butter now, so may stick with what's on there.   Comments from our "fans" were, it sounds "elegant", it's so "clear", and "rings like a bell".   
My only dislike is, it's so darn pretty, I'm afraid of wearing it in!!  
Thanks again to everyone and my compliments to your fabulous luthiers for making an heirloom.  If I wasn't mandolin poor at present, I'd be all over that A model you've got. “
Bob Lunsford, IN

“Big Mon Northfield....The first chop after getting her tuned up was absolutely fact unbelievable.  Right out of the box this mandolin stepped out and is better sounding than any other mandolin I have ever owned and played.  The workmanship is impeccable and the grain on the Englemann premium spruce near the sound holes is exquisite. The sound and tone of this mandolin is top shelf and I want to compliment the builders for an outstanding job.  This mandolin is a keeper ....again you have exceeded my expectations.”
Karl B. Shinn, FL

"Having recently rediscovered my interest in playing mandolin, I started looking around for a better instrument than the mass produced, second rate instrument I already owned. Let me say that I have found Northfield to be excellent to deal with. My instrument was delivered about a month ahead of schedule, and when I opened up that case for the first time I couldn't believe my eyes! The pride that the Northfield guys take in their work is very apparent and totally justified, this is a gorgeous instrument and the tone and playability are beyond my expectations, and the volume this little devil punches out is amazing! It thumps! I am just so happy that I find myself carrying the thing around everywhere I go, so I can play it more often. As a result my playing is improving quite a bit. I am a 110% satisfied customer and I would recommend a Northfield to anyone who wants a high quality mandolin. Well done Northfield and many thanks!" 
Phil Rourke, Australia

“I just got Northfield #178 and I wanted to share my experience—not just of my wonderful new mandolin but of working with Adrian Bagale. I’ll start with the obvious: It’s a fantastic mandolin. And not just for the price. It’s gorgeous, built with painstaking attention to detail… all the stuff you hear over and over again about Northfields. What sold me, though, was the sound. I live close to Elderly and also get a chance to visit a few stores like Gruhn every year. So though I am no prodigy, I’ve had a chance to hear a lot of instruments. And the Northfield sound is sitting in ballpark with instruments by the makers I can only dream of owning.
It’s opened up remarkably. The color of the sound, every note, all up and down the neck… wow. It was well worth the wait. These guys are doing something pretty great. That the Northfield team cares about the quality of their instruments is pretty obvious. Maybe not so obvious is what a great experience it is to work with someone who cares so much that people get mandolins they'll fall in love with. Thanks, Adrian!”
Kate McCune, MI

"Those of us who have been around awhile can tell after the first pluck of a couple of strings whether the instrument in question "has it". Well this one has it all. Killer tone.. Killer volume and killer workmanship. The mando just feels right. The Folks at Northfield should be applauded for making an affordable, well built mandolin. Its a great ride." 
Scotti Adams, Ohio

“Let me just say it is a hauss.  It has great tone, awesome volume and wonderful playability.  I can’t wait to play it over the next couple of months and see it open up but It is a spectacular mandolin already.  The quality is unmatched in any other mandolin I have seen.  I have been around bluegrass all my life and you guys really know what you are doing. Too bad I am not in a big bluegrass group where I could really talk Northfield up for you, but I will do my best to show off my new mandolin at the gigs I play and all the festivals I go to.  I honestly couldn’t be happier.  Ever since I started playing mandolin I wanted a master model, and I’m very glad it is a Northfield. You have certainly made this college student happy, I just hope my grades dont drop from not being able to put my new mando down! I will certainly be a repeat customer when I can afford it! I will be eyeing a “Big Mon” next time but I will enjoy this fine mando until then.  Again thank you very much for providing me with such a quality product, I couldn’t be happier.”
Ethan Stubbs, NC

"It has been totally blowing me away! I knew they were fantastic mandos but have never played one long enough to know just how great they really are. In my humble opinion you can't get a mando this quality without shelling out at least $8,000." 
Harry Clark

"Right out of the box, this Northfield has more nuance, more dynamics, and a woodier, throatier chop than anything I've heard from that old ........ I've played some high end stuff but nothing has sounded this open and beautiful right from day 1. Congratulations on making a first class instrument, and treating your customers like rockstars. You guys are incredible."
Andrew K, Canada

"I am extremely happy with mine, as having also owned many other very high end mandolins, this Northfield has some of the best tone I have every played in a mandolin.............period." 
Scott Houston

"I became the proud and happy owner of #73! I had been checking these mandos out for some time on Elderly and Northfield sites. I could not be happier with my Northfield and the great customer service provided by Elderly; truly a winning combination." 
Gary Bauer, WI

"You guys really have it together as far as getting your name out there and providing great information to your consumers." 
Andrew B. Carlson, Minnesota

“The Mandolin looks great, very impressive, plays great, I could not have asked for more. Thanks to you and your team, I now have one my friends are jealous of.”
Jimmie Walker, SC

“I had a hard time putting it down once I got started playing. I will keep it and may buy another next year when I get some extra money. Thank you for a job well done cheers to the luthiers, who make a great product.”
Gary Shorette, ME

“The mando is absolutely awesome. I think my girlfriend is regretting the purchase. Haha. I play triple what I played before. Again, thank you for a new found love of the mando. I was a guitar player for years and would always go back to picking the guitar a lot. Don't think I will so much now. Thanks!!!”
Wes O’Dell, WV



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