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The Model M
December 2014
 Simple for a Reason.

The purest expression of craft is typically unadorned.

Shorn of pretense, simply appointed, our Model M mandolin is new for us. But it was years in the making. And, while it may be our entry level mandolin, it’s hardly a typical one.

How so? Well, this is the mandolin we had in our heads when we first started shaping wood into remarkable instruments. One that does away with fancy scroll work and relies purely on rich, warm sound to make an impression. A mandolin that reflects both our obsessive nature with the finest instruments of the past — yes, we’ve spent some hundreds of hours looking at CT scans of the world’s great violins, studying wood densities, making 3D scans, and recording instruments just to see if we can dial in specific frequencies when we carve and voice the instruments — and our slightly crazy ways. 

   Kosuke Kyomori, our chief designer, is the driving force behind the new Model M. Over the course of many years Kosuke has developed and refined his design to make this project possible. His artistry and technical abilities, his passion and his practical desire to make an affordable yet truly professional grade instrument shines through in this mandolin and we're very proud tp finally make it available. Congratulations Kosuke you never cease to amaze us - We hope to do you proud from this workshop!

This project has brought the team together to create an even firmer bond between all the members. From here to there, east to west, culture to culture all of us here at Northfield Mandolins are continuously amazed at what can happen with this team. ….and we're just getting started....
Adrian Bagale sig
That’s slightly crazy — not risky. You see, before you play the Model M, know that a whole bunch of other musicians already have. We gave early production models to musicians. Had them take them on the road, play in front of a crowd, play in the heat, play on a bus at four in the morning. Their feedback is built into every mandolin we make.

It's the first model built in our shop in Marshall, Michigan. Without our location here, 30 miles down the road from the birthplace of the modern day mandolin, this instrument wouldn't mean as much to our entire team. Extraordinary and accessible the Model M brings together qualities at the core of our business and our approach to making traditional instruments.

History. Countless hours honing our craft. A bit of crazy. Yes, a lot more goes into this mandolin than first meets the eye.

Specifications include:

  • Carved Engelmann spruce top
  • Carved red maple back, sides and neck
  • Arched ebony fretboard and bridge
  • Northfield Modern Setup
  • Tone bar construction
  • Spirit Varnish Finish
  • Brown tortoise-style abbreviated pick guard
  • Nickel plated Schaller tuners
  • Nugget® tailpiece designed by Mike Kemnitzer
  • Shaped hardshell case
  • Built in Michigan

Price: $1899

NF Warranty 200x175

Reserve your Model-M, call us @ (585) 233-1104 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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