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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Northfield Mandolin! We are very excited that you’ve selected our instrument as a tool to further your adventures in music. We greatly appreciate your support and hope that the instrument brings you years of enjoyment. Simply put, we hope you enjoy playing the instrument as much as we enjoyed making it! Below is a brief summary of the terms of your warranty plus a few facts about the special varnish finish used in building your new mandolin.NF Trifold

Northfield mandolins are covered by a 5 year warranty to the original owner. Upon notice of any major defect we will replace or repair the instrument at our discrection. We use time tested building techinques to assure the long life of your instrument. If for any reason you feel that there is something defective about the instrument, please contact us immediately so that we can work quickly to resolve the issue. The warranty does not cover damages incurred by misuse or accidents, damages from unauthorized repairs, exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity or dryness, or normal wear (fretwear, scratches, dents, color fading, set-up and playability changes). For warranty registration, please fill out the included card and return it immediately, along with a copy of the receipt for your purchase. You can also print and submit this page. Please keep copies of both for your records.

Your Northfield Master Model mandolin has been finished by hand (french polished) with a very thin spirit varnish. This finish is used in the tradition of the finest mandolins made in the world, both new and vintage. This type of varnish and process for applying it is known to compliment the instrument, allowing for the best acoustic properties to be heard while playing. While the sound and tonal characteristic are undoubtably ideal, the appearance of the instrument will show the hand work and will not hide small imperfections like a thicker lacquer or polyester finish might. Small marks, or areas of sinkage are to be expected and should not concern you. The finish may craze, krinkle, or check. All of this is to be expected and should be considered at the time of purchase. This finish is not as durable against scratching or the weather elements as thicker poly based finishes, or sprayed lacquer finishes. It is not recommended that you install various musical instument accesories on the instrument which contain parts made of rubber, leather or different plastics. These items can react to the finish is they make contact with it for an extended period of time. Please read the manuals and disclaimers that accompany musical instrument accessory products carefully. Use at your own risk. Expect for the neck finish to wear more quickly as you constantly come in contact with it while playing. It is always a good idea to wipe down this area of the instrument after playing. All that said, this finish is fragile and is not covered under your warranty.

Make sure to store the instruments in a more controlled environment when ever possible. Never subject your instrument to extreme conditions. These would be areas like the trunk of your car, or areas with severe humidity or dryness. Keep your instrument stored inside the case. Keep the pickguard on the instrument to avoid easy scratching across the top. Watch out for fingernail scratching or sharp belt buckles or jacket hardware. Keep the finish away, as much as possible, from contact with alcoholic beverages or exposure to chemical polishes.

To clean your mandolin, wipe it down periodically with a damp rag or dry cotton shammy or shirt. Brush gently and do not put too much force into polishing. Never use an abrasive cloth or material for polishing.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

With Best Regards,

The Northfield Workshop

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