Firewood Carrier

Firewood Carrier


From bonfires in Qingdao, China to Marshall, Michigan we know the love of a good fire with good company. Enough that we wanted to make a tool that makes this important ritual even easier in hopes that it’ll happen more often, for everyone.

With indoor and outdoor performance in mind, no stress, no mess. Carry large loads to the pit or reduce the nuisance of messy bark chips and sawdust around your indoor hearth. Sturdy and compact. Waxed canvas, made from the same material as our much-loved shop aprons. Reliable tear-resistant and ready for years of use. Made with hardwood handles for comfort, ease, and grip. The night sky is calling - ready when you are.

Color: Fog Grey

DIMENSIONS: canvas: 3’ 4” full span (open), 1’ 8” half span (closed), 26.25” wide; handle cut out 3” tall, 4.7” wide

Wooden handles: 2.5” circumference, 6.5” long

Storage size: 7.25” circumference, 26.25” long

Made in our Qingdao shop.

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