Conscious Keychain

Conscious Keychain


A small piece in the mosaic—of ethical and environmental responsibility—in which we live as a company and individuals.

Gorgeous maple in various figuring, made from our mandolin offcuts, you can carry a piece of Northfield Mandolins here, there, and everywhere. A reminder that something small ripples to the larger impact and community. This act of care and responsibility brings us all that much closer in this large, yet small world we live on.

Enjoy this Conscious Keychain, knowing we can all make a difference. From all of us at the Northfield Workshop—thank you for your interests and efforts in reuse and reduced waste.

One of the many environmentally responsible actions we are taking.

  • Made from our Mandolin Maple Offcuts

  • Wood burned “Northfield” Logo

  • Suspended, Full 360º free-rotation

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