Kevin Keen

Kevin is a native West Tennessean whose love of music was passed down from previous generations.  Early music influences came from local square dances, church and listening to the Opry on the radio and playing along on the guitar. At a young age Kevin began playing the guitar at church with friends and didn’t take long until he picked up a second instrument, the mandolin.  The mandolin has been the instrument of choice for about 13 years.  He has played all over Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi at churches, festivals and contests. Kevin is thankful for the gift of music and the friends that it has brought into his life.  He is married to Leigh Ann and they reside in Corinth, MS with their two daughters, Jennifer and Mallie.

NTF Award.jpeg

My first impression on this NF-5S was simply, “WOW!” Big, wide open vintage sound with the midrange pop that just speaks to me. It’s an extremely powerful mandolin but at the same time can produce a sweet melodic tone that can transfer feelings thru the music. Fit and finish are excellent and it plays like a dream, Northfield does fantastic work and does not disappoint in any area.
— Kevin Keen