"Michigan Koa" Arm Rest

"Michigan Koa" Arm Rest


The original Koa tree is endemic to Hawaii, where 'Koa' has various meanings- brave, bold, fearless, valiant, warrior...

but that's not what we have and not where we found it...
surprisingly, this beauty found us...

At Northfield we believe in locally sourced goods and materials, and a bit of destiny.

Unlock the door, step inside, and begins the Northfield morning ritual. Aromas dance in the shop, while the steaming kettle indicates 'it's time to pour', the coffee is brewing. Mug in hand, sifting mail, sip, sip, it was a fresh day with morning lights beaming in the windows, surely a sign of goodness. Goodness indeed... an unanticipated package. inside- a strikingly gorgeous, small piece of wood, with a note..."if you like this and are interested, give me a call". This takes us on journey to meet Tom Petredean, at the River Basin Hardwoods in Homer, MI. Tom is the saw/slab father of the silver maple we call "Michigan Koa". Why do we call it Koa? the color, the character, from the spalting and mineral deposits, and the figure, it ain't koa, but for us wintery northerners it reminds us of soft breezes and coconut drinks...

Northfield Mandolin Arm Rest

  • Made from figured maple.

  • Lined with cork on the instrument contacting surfaces.

Wood from Homer, Michigan.

Arm Rest made in Marshall, Michigan.


Length 3 5/8” or 9.2 cm

Width 11/16” or 1.8 cm

Thickness 3/8” or 1 cm

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