Eddie’s "Steelhead" Fly Box

Eddie’s "Steelhead" Fly Box


Inspired by a wonderfully built heirloom fly box carried by Adrian and Pete's uncle Eddie in the streams of northern Michigan, the Northfield Fly Box is as useful as it is beautiful. The simple clean lines and unadorned hard maple are matched with rugged Soss-style hinges that hold the box firmly open or closed aided by a strong magnetic clasp preventing accidental opening. There are eight felted pockets that fly hooks can easily hold on to and larger, bare compartments to accommodate more flies, picks, jewelry, or other treasures.

Uncle Eddie’s Fly box reminds all of us here at Northfield that the beautiful natural world beyond the shop is an amazing gift. We make it in his honor to capture his wonderful spirit in a small keep-safe. 

Get outside, get your waders on or plant yourself on the river’s edge... Watch it flow. It’ll set you free.

Made in our Qingdao shop.

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